The CYCLEDGE Trainer makes isolated leg training simple and effective.  Ride
more efficiently the next time you are out with the group by pedaling in smooth
circles.  Turn the pedal over easier, when you face the next long uphill, by
strengthening all of the muscles in the pedal stroke.  Get more enjoyment from your
riding with
The CYCLEDGE Trainer.

The trainer has been really great to use.  Before I
would put my foot  back on the trainer or up on a
chair.  That worked somewhat, but to say the least, it
just didn’t feel right.  The biggest issue to me was
trying to concentrate on the stroke of the single leg
while worrying about my off leg slipping—not to
mention the change in posture.  When I use Fred’s
trainer, it’s much more comfortable and more
importantly, it lets me focus on the leg that I’m
training. I’ve been surprised how closely I can
position the supports to the path of the pedals so I
don’t have to move my off-leg very far to reach the
support.  Several times, I’ve looked down and
thought the trainer “must have” moved because it
seemed like I would hit it, but I guess that’s one of
the nice things about being able to position it just
where I want relative to my bike.